Ways to Help a Person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia Sleep Better


Those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia may lose knowledge of the time of day, making it difficult to get them to bed at night. They may feel late-afternoon disorientation and agitation, as well as overnight restlessness and alterations in their sleep cycle.

Making a daily routine for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia can help them sleep better at night. Try to establish a schedule that includes consistent hours for waking up, eating meals, and going to bed as much as possible.

Keep the person’s days active to promote comfortable sleep. Discourage afternoon naps and schedule more strenuous activities such as doctor appointments, vacations, and morning showers to deter them from sleeping in a chair.

Natural light exposure can aid persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia maintain their circadian rhythm, allowing them to identify when it’s time to sleep. Exposure to bright outside light might also improve their mood.

Caffeine use during the day can disrupt sleep for anyone, but this is especially true for persons with Alzheimer’s. Caregivers can help your loved ones minimize their caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol intake with our home care assistance in Carolina.

It can be exhausting to be the sole caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, especially if they have numerous midnight awakenings. Hiring home care services in San Leandro, Carolina simplifies the task for both you and your loved one.

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