Why Is Meal Planning Important for the Elderly


The older people get, the more difficult it is to move around. Basic daily activities will be difficult and extended. Especially for seniors living alone, tasks such as cooking and grocery shopping can be quite tough. To help ease this burden, it is great for the elderly to start meal planning. This way it’s more efficient for them when they go out or cook, or if not, it’s easier for their caregivers to keep track of their meals. Here are some reasons why meal planning is important for the elderly.

  • It Helps With Nutrition

    It’s common for the elderly to get sick easily. That’s why a healthy diet is so important. Some companies offering home care assistance in California have professionals who help the elderly plan out a healthy balanced diet. They also help suggest food that’s appropriate for the elderly’s condition and food preferences.

  • It Saves Time

    For both the elderly and the caregivers, meal planning helps save time to do other things. With meal planning, appropriate portions of food can already be cooked ahead of time and safely kept and preserved until such time when it’s to be eaten.

  • It Saves Money

    Going to the grocery store every day can be quite costly but meal planning & preparation helps you avoid unnecessary purchases for food and it helps save gas money. Through meal planning, there is also less food waste because all meal plans have already been approved by the elderly.

Nutrition is achieved by eating a well-balanced and healthy meal. If you’re looking for professional home care services in San Leandro, California who can help with meal planning for your loved ones, contact us at Thrive Home Care now.

The Role of Caregivers for Alzheimer’s Patients


Alzheimer’s is most commonly diagnosed in the elderly and is a type of condition with no cure. Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will slowly lose their memory and ability to perform basic daily activities. As it progresses, seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can get frustrated and angry due to the massive changes in their lives and may need assistance more frequently. Read on to find out what the role of a caregiver is.

  • To Learn About the Disease

    If you visit companies offering home care assistance in California, you’ll see that their staff are well informed about Alzheimer’s. Knowing the disease, its symptoms, and its progress will help you learn how to help your patient.

  • To be an Emotional Support

    Once patients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they can be shocked or depressed. After all, it’s a disease that slowly takes away your memory and capabilities to care for yourself. As caregivers, your role is to provide emotional support. Let them know that you will be there with them throughout.

  • To Be a Healthy and Responsible Caregiver

    To effectively and responsibly take care of a patient, you also need to take care of yourself. It can be pretty tiring taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient because you will be helping them with almost anything they need. Always take time off for yourself and remember to ask for help when needed.

Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is a learning curve both caregivers and patients must learn. If you require home care services in San Leandro, California, for your loved ones, we at Thrive Home Care are just a call away.