Medication Management for Senior Health


Many adults begin experiencing some form of memory loss as they enter their senior years. That makes it harder for them to perform critical tasks that require memorization and a keen mind. Handling their medication regimen is one such task. At Thrive Home Care, we provide medication assistance as part of our core services.

Our caregivers ensure their clients take the right medicines at the correct times daily to prevent overdosing and underdosing incidents. Our professionals know and utilize all the best ways to schedule and organize matters related to medication management. You can trust them to do their jobs well.

Another benefit of our home care services in San Leandro, California, is ensuring clients’ medications work well with their daily meals. Our home health aides actively participate in meal planning and preparing while considering the client’s dietary restrictions and nutritional requirements.

As a top provider of home care assistance in California, we keep in touch with all the doctors handling each of our clients to ensure their medication regimens are always up-to-date and that we meet their health and nutritional needs. And we can quickly adjust if they must make any changes.

A good medicine management plan ensures the long-term health and wellness of all seniors under our care. Call us now at 1.800.410.8818 to learn more about our home care services and how you and your loved one can benefit from them.

Companionship Care for Senior Happiness


It is unfortunate that seniors, especially those who live alone, are often lonely. When left unchecked, this loneliness can quickly turn into depression. At Thrive Home Care, our home health aides can provide companion care services to keep clients feeling cared for and loved.

Our caregivers constantly engage clients in conversation throughout the day so they don’t feel alone. They can also read aloud to them or join them in fun activities like playing games and solving puzzles.

Clients can enjoy doing fun tasks while sharpening their minds. Having a healthy mind can boost senior memory and empower them to live more independently, allowing clients to enjoy even more of their favorite hobbies and activities.

As a leading provider of home care assistance in California, our care providers can also help clients keep in touch with their loved ones through voice and video calls. Nowadays, there are more ways than ever to stay in touch with loved ones worldwide for free.

Occasionally, they can accompany clients on face-to-face meetings with loved ones at a coffee shop or restaurant. Our live-in care providers can be there to take care of their clients and provide immediate responses in case of emergencies.

Are you looking for a trustworthy provider of home care services in San Leandro, California? All of us are ready to serve you. Call us at 1.800.410.8818 to learn more about how we can help.