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Clocking In

If you don’t know your Home Care Provider Pin, please call (855) 408-5627.

Step 1: Call (844) 341-5713 immediately upon arrival at the client’s home. This will act as your timesheet “Clock In.”
Step 2: Enter your Home Care Provider Pin.
Step 3: Follow the instructions and tasks.
Step 4: Hang up. You are officially clocked in for your shift.

Completed Task / Clocking Out

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Step 1: Call (844) 341-5713 as you complete a task throughout your shift or would like to clock out from your shift.
Step 2: Enter your Home Care Provider Pin.
Step 3: Listen to the tasks assigned. Press 1 for “Complete.” Press 2 for “Not Complete.”
Step 4: Once all tasks have been updated, you will be asked if you wish to clock out from your shift. Press 9 to “Clock Out.”
(Only “Clock Out” when you are finished with your shift!)

Watch The Video Tutorial

If you have questions or would like further guidance with using Thrive Home Care’s Telephony System, feel free to reach out to or call our office at (855) 408-5627, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.