Preparing for Alzheimer’s Disease


As we enter old age, various diseases start to appear. They can vary from one person to another. One of the conditions that affect many seniors is Alzheimer’s disease. When a person has this, their cognitive functions are affected, resulting in a need for assistance. They lose their independence and ability to care for themselves in the long run.

In the early stage of Alzheimer’s, your loved one may not need much support from family members. Your assistance can come in the form of helping them understand their condition and engage them in healthy practices. Most importantly, prepare them for what lies ahead.

During the middle stage of the disease, they may experience extensive memory loss resulting in forgetting familiar faces, things that happened hours ago, or getting lost in the neighborhood. When this happens, support is vital. Caring for them can be overwhelming, especially when you have no experience or don’t understand the condition. But, home care assistance in California is an option best suited for them. Through this, your loved one gets support from an experienced caregiver. They receive various home care services in San Leandro, California – bathing, eating, hygiene, preparing their bed, medications, and other basic and advanced services. You can ensure that their needs are attended promptly with home care.

If you are looking for caregivers equipped with the skills and patience to assist your loved one with Alzheimer’s, Thrive Home Care can help. Through our care plan specifically designed for people with this condition, your loved ones are in the hands of an expert and compassionate caregiver. Talk to us.

Benefits of Companionship for Seniors


As they age, seniors may not be able to handle certain tasks and activities on their own. This is because their body gets weaker as they get older. Having a weaker body makes your senior loved ones more vulnerable to illnesses and increases their risk of physical injuries caused by falls, which can lead to severe complications or even death.

Their cognitive function is also affected as they age. They might not be able to take their medications consistently because they easily forget or get confused with their medications.

One of the best ways to prevent these problems from happening is to hire a companion for your senior loved one at home. Companions or caregivers can assist with mobility or any kind of physical support to prevent your loved one from falling or getting injured. They can also assist your loved ones with their routines and activities to help them live their daily life with ease.

A companion can also help your senior loved ones in administering their medications to help them have a speedy recovery and achieve optimal health.

Thrive Home Care is the leading provider of home care services in San Leandro, California. We offer great quality yet affordable services to help you and your senior loved ones achieve a higher quality of life.

Our compassionate caregivers are dedicated to helping your senior loved ones and provide the most appropriate type of care that suits their specific needs.

If your loved one needs home care assistance in California, we will be more than happy to help. Set an appointment with us today, and let’s discuss what we can do to help you. You can also contact us at 800-410-8818 to learn more.