How You Can Increase Your Home’s Accessibility


With old age comes physical limitations. Hands are not as swift, joints don’t bend as smoothly, and eyesight is not as sharp. Although a lifestyle change can mitigate this, seniors are still prone to falls and other injuries.

Take the extra mile and install safety measures that make it more accessible to the elderly. You can:

  • Install grip bars

    These are especially helpful in the bathroom, where balance plays a big part in getting to the toilet. You can look for home care assistance in California for more assistance in daily tasks.

  • Add a ramp

    One of the main struggles of a person in a wheelchair is going up and down a ramp or floor. For places with stairs, add a ramp for convenient access. Caregivers would be glad to see this convenient and safe addition to your home.

  • Remove area rugs

    Rugs have aesthetic value in a room. However, they can cause trips and falls. To eliminate this possibility, consider putting area rugs away.

  • Replace the faucet and door handles

    Lever-style knobs and handles require minimal strength to turn. These are not only elderly-friendly but also arthritis-friendly too.

Along with our home care services in San Leandro, California, Thrive Home Care is a professional provider of comfort and safety. We care about your well-being. Discuss your action plans with us today!

Mistaken Ideas About Availing of Hospice Care


Alongside our home care services in San Leandro, California, Thrive Home Careis also a licensed provider of hospice care. It’s a lifeline for many people seeking to maintain their quality of life in the face of a terminal illness.

And yet, misconceptions abound about what it means and what it really does for those who avail of it. As your partner in-home care assistance in California, we would like to address some of these mistaken notions to encourage you to seriously consider hospice care for yourself or a loved one.

  • It’s for cancer patients.

    It’s true that many patients with cancer avail of hospice care. Medicare reported in 2016 that 30.1% of those who received aid for hospice had cancer. But it’s also for virtually all kinds of life-threatening, end-stage conditions like Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.

  • It prevents you from seeing your physician.

    In reality, hospice care teams encourage trusted physicians to participate in implementing hospice care plans. You get caregivers and healthcare professionals working together to manage your symptoms, minimize pain, and expand your independence.

  • When the six months are up, you’re out.

    This may come from the fact that hospice care recommendations involve a prognosis of six months. But in the fortunate cases where seniors live longer than their prognosis, hospice care can continue.

  • It’s about giving up.

    Hardly. Hospice care is a declaration that you can still go on even in the face of a life-threatening illness. It gives you more time to settle matters, find satisfaction in one’s life, and continue enjoying life with friends and family.

You or your loved one deserve to have options in a difficult situation like a terminal illness. Reach out to arrange a care plan today.

The Strong Advantage of Professional Care


It is typical for seniors and older adults to experience health conditions. When these happen, family members step up and become care providers for their seniors’ loved ones.

As a provider of home care assistance in California, we laud and admire this noble effort. But with our expertise, we also know that this may not be what is best for their senior loved ones.

The first reason why this can do more harm than good is that family members may have received little to no formal training on how to take care of another person, let alone a senior with extensive needs. This lack of proper training can put the health of your loved ones at risk.

On the other hand, professional caregivers are specifically trained to provide care to another person. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure that your loved ones’ needs are met properly.

Furthermore, care professionals also have the time to take care of your loved ones. Most family members often have to deal with school, work, or home responsibilities while taking care of a loved one. These other preoccupations will limit their ability to care for another person.

Since professionals are specifically hired to care for your loved ones, they can give their full attention. At the end of the day, your loved ones will benefit. This can also free up your time and can let you attend to your responsibilities with ease.

If you need help with taking care of your loved ones at home, you can call us here at Thrive Home Care. We provide home care services in San Leandro, California, and our care providers can give their full attention to your loved ones. Call us today with your inquiries!

The Convenience of Having a Companion for Elders

The Convenience of Having a Companion for Elders

Every day is a struggle. If you are facing challenges in life right now, what more are seniors who battle aging and its effects on their health.

The elderly may have illnesses, terminal diseases, financial issues, and physical and behavioral changes that bring them confusion and hardships. Add the stress they get from social issues and current events, and voila! More stresses occur. And families should consider home care assistance in California to help their loved ones cope.

Their elderly loved ones may find convenience in home care services in San Leandro, California, like companionship and personal care, in the following aspects:

  • Health management – taking medications, companionship during checkups and hospitalization, feeding, and nutrition.

  • Home assistance – errands, light housekeeping, laundry, linen changing

  • Personal care – bathing, grooming, toileting

Amidst all the difficulties and chaos they encounter every day, the elderly can count on caregivers willing to assist with their tasks. People they can chat with and teach them how to do things more conveniently.

For home care assistance and more, call Thrive Home Care at 800-410-8818. We have basic and advanced services for people in their golden years. We tailor-fit each type of elderly care to accommodate the client’s specific needs and preferences.

Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors


Admission to the emergency department due to a bathroom mishap occurs frequently. The bathtub or shower is the scene of many of these injuries. Bathrooms are dangerous and unforgiving places for elders to fall because of the slick flooring, rough surfaces, and sharp countertop corners. Having dependable caregivers can support seniors with mobility issues in the bathroom to avoid these accidents. Support can mean helping your senior loved one in and out of the tub and waiting outside the bathroom or hands-on care such as assistance with actual bathing and grooming.

If you’re concerned about the hazards of slipping, tripping, or falling in the bathroom, speak with a provider of home care assistance in California to identify the best accessibility solution for your specific needs. Here are some helpful ways to safe-proof your senior loved one’s bathroom:

  • Get rid of the clutter.
    Most bathrooms are already tiny, and adding more clutter makes traversing this space even more difficult.
  • Ensure that essentials are within reach.
    Accessibility must be prioritized as well. Without having to stretch or bend, older individuals should be able to reach and put away objects they require.
  • Install non-slip strips in the shower or bathtub.
    These strips attach directly to their floor, and the texture gives the extra traction that seniors require when standing on a stick surface.

Thrive Home Care offers top-notch home care services in San Leandro, California. We provide high-quality, low-cost services to assist you and your senior loved ones in achieving a higher quality of life. Make an appointment with us today and discuss how we can assist you.

Can the Elderly Benefit From Drinking Coffee?

Can the Elderly Benefit From Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is one of those drinks that people can form habits around at any age. As one grows older, however, they cannot help but question whether drinking certain substances, including coffee, is beneficial to their health or not.

Some studies go on to claim that seniors can actually reap health benefits from regularly drinking coffee! The question is – how does coffee benefit the elderly? What positive effects can it have on their bodies?

Now, we all know that caffeine provides us with a “kick” at the start of the day. We drink it to remain alert, especially at work. Caffeine works to put our cognitive and motor functions into hyperdrive so we can do our job well. That’s why coffee is much loved in the workplace setting.

Researchers did further study and found that caffeine can prevent the physiological processes that result in brain damage in Parkinson’s Disease. The hot brew we sometimes take for granted can actually maintain the dopamine production in the brain’s cells and prevent clumps that result in dementia.

Coffee is welcome anywhere. Caregivers can make a cup or two to sustain themselves during the day while they care for their elderly relatives or clients.

Of course, home care services in San Leandro, California know that moderation is vital. To enjoy the benefits, one should avoid drinking too much caffeine in one day. Overdosing on caffeine can lead to heart problems, for instance.

Do you need home care assistance in California? Do contact us at Thrive Home Care. We look forward to serving your needs.

Visiting a Senior Family Member During the Pandemic

Visiting a Senior Family Member During the Pandemic

Staying away from senior parents and grandparents has been one of the most difficult aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for children and younger adults. As confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe health complications due to COVID-19 are known to be more common in seniors.

Many families consider utilizing home care services in San Leandro, California. This way, in-home caregivers can take care of their senior loved ones while they are away.

Since the weather is warmer now and COVID-19 vaccines are available, however, it may be tempting to plan a trip to see your senior loved ones. Here are a few important things to think about before you do, though:

  • Examine yourself to see if you are infected. Consider your health and any COVID-19-related symptoms you may have experienced in the last two weeks. Otherwise, get yourself tested.
  • Put on a face mask.At the very least, you and your loved ones should always wear masks even when you are at home.
  • Keep your visits short and sweet. If you are carrying a virus, the more likely you are to pass it on to others if you are together for too long, especially in an enclosed space. If there is a need for an extended stay, make sure you stay at least six feet apart from each other.

Thrive Home Care provides home care assistance in California for families whose senior loved ones require care and support. For more information, please contact us today.

Alzheimer’s Care Services for Your Senior Loved One

Alzheimer’s Care Services for Your Senior Loved One

According to the recent World Alzheimer Report, there are over 50 million people worldwide living with dementia, and this number may reach 152 million in 2050. Dementia is one of the most common illnesses that affect seniors. It is a serious illness that does not only hamper the cognitive health of a person but also manifests its effects physically. Data from the Alzheimer’s Disease International shows that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia and accounts for 50%-75% of all cases.

Alzheimer’s disease affects a person’s cognitive health by destroying brain cells and nerves, disrupting the transmitters that carry messages in the brain, particularly those responsible for storing memories. For this reason, patients become forgetful and often confused about what is happening in their surroundings. Caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia need to know about the disease to learn how to address the patient’s needs.

Taking care of a dementia patient is a challenge as is communicating with them because they might have trouble focusing or remembering past conversations or instructions. Moreover, you have to be always attentive. You cannot leave them in the bathroom or other closed rooms alone as they might get confused and anxious. As a provider of home care assistance in California, we are careful and sensitive when providing Alzheimer’s care services to our clients.

Thrive Home Care offers home care services in San Leandro, California. Our programs aim to provide quality care for seniors for them to live the best life in their old age.

Tips When Caring for Patients with Dementia

Tips When Caring for Patients with Dementia

There are different misconceptions about dementia patients. This illness is a collective term for a broad range of symptoms. It can include someone experiencing a decline in cognitive, memory, and thinking skills. Experts from home care services in San Leandro, California can assist. They ensure that patients do not experience hardship in living with it.

People who are diagnosed with dementia stages are a critical stage, according to Senior Guidance Org. It is also recommended that an expert from a home care assistance in California will do the care program for your elderly loved ones.

Here are the tips to consider when caring for someone who has dementia:

  • Try to identify the trigger that causes behavior change.Spend some time with the patient to get to know different information about physical and emotional needs.
  • Have eye contact when speaking.Aside from a sign of respect when you do eye-to-eye contact, it will signify that you are interested and intently listening to the thoughts of the patient.
  • Introduce yourself when necessary.Elderly patients often forget your name because of memory loss. Do not forget to introduce yourself as often as needed.
  • Do stick to your routine.A daily routine helps dementia patients do their daily tasks and improve their memory skills.

Thrive Home Care provides different services that suit the needs of older adults with dementia symptoms. You can also meet caregivers who had previous experience caring for the elderly having this kind of illness. Reach out to us today to know more.

Fall Prevention: Effective Strategies to Prevent Falls in Seniors

Fall Prevention: Effective Strategies to Prevent Falls in Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 300,000 older adults are hospitalized each year due to hip fractures, with 95% of the said injury caused by falling. Aside from that, falls can also result in head injuries and hospitalization. As a provider of home care services in San Leandro, California, we will share effective strategies to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly:


  • Evaluate your risk
    Talk to your aging loved one’s healthcare provider or physician to help evaluate their risk of falling. This may include going over their medications and their side effects, as well as discussing any existing symptoms that may increase their risk of falling.
  • Modify your home
    There are many home modifications you can do to reduce the risk of falls. This includes cleaning up any clutter that may be tripping hazards, such as wires, loose carpet, and slippery throw rugs. Additionally, you can also install handrails and grab bars in high-risk areas like the bathroom or stairways.
  • Engage in physical activity
    Daily exercise is another way to reduce the risk of falling. Seniors that partake in strength and balance exercises strengthen their legs and improve their gate, which minimizes their risk of falls.
  • Receive support
    Another way to make your home safer is by receiving mobility assistance from caregivers. A caregiver can support your aging loved one with daily living activities and ensure their safety while retaining their independence at home.


Are you in need of home care assistance in California? If that’s the case, Thrive Home Care can meet your needs. Call us or fill out our online form for a free home safety consultation.

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