Activities for Seniors to Enjoy at Home


As a senior, it’s common to feel like your life is a never-changing routine. This can easily make one feel disheartened and unmotivated to go on with your day.

To curb those negatively stirring emotions, you can introduce both physically and mentally stimulating activities. Caregivers can incorporate these in their daily schedules depending on the senior’s interests and preferences.

Our Home Care Services in San Leandro, California has rounded up a few of our favorite activities down below:

  • Arts and Crafts
    Crafting, knitting, and scrapbooking are just a few of the many ways seniors can get their creative juices flowing. It is also great for group settings as it encourages them to connect with others. This activity would also give them a sense of accomplishment as they finish a project.
  • Gardening
    Gardening is a sure-fire way for them to embrace the outdoors and keep them active. To keep them safe from injury, controlled gardening activities such as seed placement and watering can be done.
  • Reading and Writing
    Some bookworms can’t seem to go one day without even holding a book. Encourage them to join a book club so they can socialize and share their thoughts. You can also motivate them to write their own stories. Have them journal their thoughts and feelings, write in a diary or even make an autobiography.

If they don’t like anything in particular yet, let them enjoy a little bit of everything. Caring for a senior is all about finding a good balance.

Finding quality Home Care Assistance in California can be difficult, that’s why at Thrive Home Care we strive to provide only the best care and service for our seniors. If you have any questions about what we offer, feel free to contact us!

Ways to Improve Your Elderly’s Mealtime Experience


Health issues, medication side effects, and lack of appetite, among other factors, can cause our seniors to not finish their meals or even skip them altogether, something that they simply cannot do without at their age.

Aside from making mealtimes one of the more challenging tasks that family caregivers may do on the daily, poor eating habits can cause significant health risks.

This is a familiar situation to us as providers of home care services in San Leandro, California ourselves at Thrive Home Care. That is why we are listing down some tips you can use to improve their mealtime experience. Here are some of them:

  • Empower their choices
    Ask about their food preferences. It is ok to get them the food they genuinely enjoy even if they are not as healthy as you would like them to be. You can always supplement their meals or transform their choices to make them healthier.
  • Improve communication
    Your seniors may not be able to express their needs as much as they could before. Be patient and try different ways when communicating with them.
  • Set the ambiance
    Strive to make their mealtimes peaceful and pleasant. Turn off the TV and other sources of distraction so they can focus on eating.
  • Hire a meal planning and preparation services provider
    Preparing meals is more complex and time-consuming than it looks. With a professional meal preparation provider, you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up. You can also rest assured that they will follow your senior’s doctor’s recommendations consistently while making sure every dish is appetizing.

We offer this as part of our home care assistance in California. Know more about the service by getting in touch with us.

Just How Cold Is Cold for Seniors?

Just How Cold Is Cold for Seniors?

Generally speaking, elderly and cold weather is a dangerous combination since seniors are especially at risk of hypothermia. According to the National Institute of Aging, a body temperature 95°F or 35°C or lower can cause serious health problems like heart attack, kidney problems, liver damage, among others.

Aside from staying away from cold places, here’s how you can prevent hypothermia for the elderly loved ones:

  • Stay warm inside the home.Having family members or caregivers with you can help you monitor if it’s chilly and set the temperature between 68°F to 75°F. They can also ensure that unused rooms are closed off and doors, vents, and windows are shut to save on electricity bills. Avoid using space heaters as these can be fire hazards and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Dress warmly—bundle up even when you’re at home. Wear socks and slippers to keep your feet warm. In your sleep, wear pajamas over your long underwear for extra covers.
  • Eat well and keep your weight up. Cold months isn’t the time to lose those body fats—these help you stay warm. There are many available home care assistance in California that can help you plan and prepare meals for you.

Also, as much as you can, avoid drinking alcohol as alcoholic drinks can make you lose body heat faster.

If your family or friends live far away, consider availing of home care services in San Leandro, California. Thrive Home Care can monitor and check on you during cold weather.

How to Prevent Depression in Seniors

How to Prevent Depression in Seniors

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), up to 5% of the senior population experience depression. The rate goes high from 11.5% to 13.5% for the elderly staying at the hospital due to health conditions.

With the help of home care services in San Leandro, California, you can prevent depression and anxiety among your senior loved ones.

  1. Know the cause of depression
    Needlessly to say, you can’t prevent a condition without knowing its cause. There are many reasons why seniors experience depression. Aside from an illness or disability, they feel that their skills are already of no use after retirement. They also feel sad or afraid of seeing friends or loved ones dying.
  2. Know the symptoms
    Hopelessness and guilt are some of the signs of depression. You can observe that the energy of your senior loved one reduces and always feels restless. Caregivers also report about irritability, insomnia, and suicide attempts.
  3. Provide companion care
    Make a way to help your mom or dad feel significant. Give them a companion if they are always alone at day time or living alone at home. Aside from providing home care assistance in California, a trained caregiver designs recreational activities for your senior loved one. They can talk to them, read books together, join in meals, do gardening, and a lot more.

You can get more information by getting in touch with us here at Thrive Home Care. Our friendly representatives are available at 800-410-8818 (Toll-Free) or 510-680-3000 (Office). We are here to listen to your concerns.

Uncover How Dementia Patients Can Benefit from Home Care

 Uncover How Dementia Patients Can Benefit from Home Care

Home is where we feel most comfortable and at ease. For dementia patients, the feeling of familiarity and stability that the home provides is most important. Fortunately, dementia patients can receive the care and support they need at home through agencies that offer home care services in San Leandro, California.

Likewise, here are the different ways dementia patients can benefit from home care:

  1. Familiar environment
    One of the most significant advantages of receiving home care assistance in California is allowing dementia patients to live comfortably at home while maintaining their routines. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are progressive diseases, so living at homes makes it less disorienting than moving to a nursing home or an assisted living facility.
  2. Opportunities for socialization
    In addition to socializing with their caregivers, an individual with dementia can easily socialize with their loved ones by remaining at home. By receiving care at home, they can take part in activities they enjoy and have the assurance that their support system is easily within reach.
  3. Relief for the family caregiver
    Taking care of a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Through home care services, the family caregiver can rest without worrying about their loved ones.
  4. Specialized care
    Home care providers like Thrive Home Care offer specialized care for moderate to advanced dementia, so seniors can receive the comprehensive care they need to live comfortably. Care can include monitoring their symptoms, ensuring their safety, and learning how to care for dementia patients to meet their individual needs.

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